Covid 19 side-effects

Hello everybody! I hope you’re all managing to stay sane, well and reasonably connected to the people you love amongst all the chaos, uncertainty and fear?

We are – as the BBC and others have told us so often that they’ve come out the other side and stopped doing it – living in unprecedented times. [At least as far as living memory is concerned, scroll down for previous post for precedents…]

We can only hope that, when the times start being a bit more precedented again, we’ve learned some things along the way.
Like who and what is important to us and to the UK as a whole.
Though that still – obviously – wouldn’t be worth the death of thousands of people, I think it would be a valuable lesson to have learned.

OK, back to the news – mine not the stuff on the media.

As careful/frequent readers of this page will know, the next Teifi Valley Coroner book – Those Who Know – was due to come out on May the 28th this year. A propitious date, I thought, as it also happens to be my parents 60th wedding anniversary.

However, I’m not sure any dates are propitious any more. Not before the autumn, at any rate. Anyway, the upshot of the general shut-down is that the publication date for Those Who Know has now been pushed back to September the 24th.

Obviously, I’m disappointed. But in the grand scheme of things, compared to what the vast majority of people are having to cope with right now, this is a minor thing. And, if you’re desperate to read installment three of Harry and John’s adventures, you can still download the Kindle version on the 28th of May.

Right, with the news out of the way, can I ask you to do something for me?

If you were thinking of buying Those Who Know in the fulness of time, it would be a MASSIVE help if you could pre-order it from your local bookshop, now. With the situation as it is at the moment, sales of the first two books have more or less stalled as nobody’s ordering books they’ve never heard of (obviously) and an unknown writer like me relies on bookshop browsers being grabbed by the cover, title or blurb of our book. And, just now, that’s not happening because bookshops aren’t open, obviously.

If you don’t have a local bookshop, can you consider ordering it from one of my favourite shops who will ship it to you at less than Amazon charges.
Find them at:

Or find the one nearest to you and give them a ring or have a look at their website. We’re in danger of losing bookshops at the moment and every order really counts. Pre-ordering will support both me and the bookshop.
There’s a ‘find your bookshop’ link in this blog:…/

And, if you’d like to have a sneak preview as to what Those Who Know is click here.

Stay safe, everybody, and keep reading!

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