Making hay while the sun shines

Haymaking’s been going on recently and, in a field near us, the small bales you can see in the photo (top left) were being carted. Unfortunately for the nostalgia-value, it was all done in batches of 8 with a grab on front of the tractor, but still, it took me back to haymaking when I […]

A tragic Rebecca-related death

This photo (with thanks to Dylan Moore) shows Holy Trinity church in Newcastle Emlyn. Though the church isn’t actually mentioned in None So Blind, it does have a link to the Rebecca Riots. There’s a memorial in the churchyard to a Trooper John Kearns whose epitaph runs like this: ‘He fell not in the battle […]

What’s there and what’s not

‘I loved your book,’ somebody said to me the other day. ‘It’d make a great TV series!’ And it would. Because, to be honest, pretty much any crime novel would. It’s no coincidence that many of the best-loved TV crime dramas are novel adaptations. The trouble is, as I point out to people, that historical […]

Writing What I Didn’t Know

  Write what you know. That’s the advice quoted at writers ad nauseam. But I’ve never been very good at taking advice. Admittedly, there are a couple of strands in None So Blind which I might reasonably be expected to know something about: It’s set in the Teifi Valley. I grew up there. Most of […]

Conscious and Subconscious writing

For me, writing comes in two varieties – conscious and mostly subconscious. Almost every word of my novels is written by a process which involves me having a vague idea of where the current scene might go then setting off and seeing where it actually goes. I don’t plan much and, if I do, I […]

Launch date!

So, I can now announce that None So Blind, first of the Teifi Valley Coroner historical crime series will be launched at 6.30 on the 8th of April here:   This is the Coach House – visitor centre of the historic St Dogmaels Abbey in Pembrokeshire and run by a good friend of mine. It’s […]