Hi everbody! Hope you’re all well and not to stir-crazy yet?

Did you know that this week – starting today, Saturday 20th June – is Independent Bookshop Week?

It feels odd not to be doing anything to celebrate the work of booksellers in the real world – before ‘all this’ I had bookshop events planned – so I thought that, instead, I’d highlight some of the things bookshops and authors are doing to bring crime fiction to your screens.

Each day of this #IndieBookshopWeek I’ll be sharing a new way that you can find and listen to crime authors. You’ll see some familiar names and I’ll introduce you to some favourites of mine who you may not have encountered yet.

So, as a good Crime Writers’ Association member, I thought I’d start with the CWA’s Writers in Residence – At Home With… series which you can read about here:

This is a series of bite-sized, 5-minute videos. There are a couple of dozen to choose from but I thought I’d highlight a coupld of the authors I know.

I met Edinburgh-based Lesley Kelly a couple of years ago at Crimefest and found the concept of her series – The Health of Strangers – really appealing. Set during the aftermath of a pandemic, in the series, her Health Enforcement Team hunt you down if you don’t turn up for your regular health check. And, of course, sometimes the reason somebody’s not turned up is that they’ve been murdered. See Lesley’s video clip here:

Vaseem Khan hosts the Red Hot Chilli Writers podcast with fellow crime writer Abir Mukherjee. In his video clip Vaseem talks about his Baby Ganesh Detective Agency series in which Inspector Chopra investigates crimes in the company of a rather intelligent and unusual baby elephant. The series is quirky and engaging and gives you a flavour of modern India which I find really engrossing. Here’s his ‘at home’ video.

And, of course, I had to include a Crime Cymru author. Katherine Stansfield who, like me, writes historical crime fiction set in the mid-nineteenth century – though hers is in Cornwall rather than West Wales – chose to opt for a written Q&A rather than a video. Here, she talks about life in lockdown, her Cornish Mysteries and what she’s reading at the moment.

Enjoy! There’ll be another recommendation tomorrow.

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