Plot teaser for The Black & The White

If you meet a man on the road you should count his fingers.

That’s what they say. Count his fingers lest you deal, all unknowingly, with one of the Fair Folk.

But what if the fellow you meet on the road has eight fingers and two thumbs like any other man?

What if he is fair-faced and smiles at you like a Christian?

What if, at the very moment you first encounter him, he is wielding a club to save your life?

Far from home, in the middle of a frozen and snowy night, a stranger saves Martin Collyer’s life. But is he a good man or a callous opportunist?

A difficult question to answer at the best of times but this isn’t the best of times. It’s the winter of 1349 and England is in the grip of a plague which may herald the end of the world.

Martin has left his home in the Forest of Dean to travel the breadth of England, to Salster, to save his father’s soul. But he is not travelling quite alone. Though no mortal walks with him, Martin has a troublingly lifelike statue of his father’s patron saint under a blanket in his cart.

Does his rescuer, Hob Cleve, know about the saint’s miraculous image? Has he been watching, waiting for his chance? Or is he what he seems, a runaway determined to make a better life for himself?

As Martin and Hob travel through a plague-blighted landscape, sudden death is never far away. Will the two young men find Saint Cynryth’s shrine at Salster or will her cult prove to be nothing more than a tale told by a peddler? Will they enter the city as heroes and saint-bearers or as discredited charlatans?

Will both of them arrive at all?

The Black and the White revised cover

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