#IndyBookTourCymru2019 day 3 – Caernarfon

Before I visited Caernarfon I knew two facts about the town:
1 – it is dominated by a thirteenth century castle built to subdue the forces of Llywelyn ap Grufydd.
2 – it has the highest proportion of Welsh speakers of any town in Wales.
After today’s visit, I can confirm that the first is visibly and the second audibly true!
I also knew that Caernarfon had a thriving bookshop – Palas Print run by Eirian James – which sells a great selection of both Welsh and English books. I knew this because I’d been swapping emails with Eirian for a bit as I planned the tour. And, today, I was Palas Print’s Lunchtime Author.
Sadly, I didn’t get to meet Eirian as she was away in Berlin. I did, however, get to meet Catrin, her very able and welcoming assistant (that’s her in the photo) and some of Eirian’s family who’d come along today, as well as Palas Print readers.
Me and Catrin
I had some fascinating discussions in the shop about Welsh history, Dorothy L Sayers, the ‘ceffyl pren’ – an ancient Welsh form of mob justice which makes an appearance in None So Blind – and Welsh emigration to the USA. I also heard how wonderful Eirian is  at finding out of print books. And that, dear readers, is one of the joys of a real, flesh and blood bookseller – they will go the extra mile for their customers and search the highways and byways of bookselling until they find what you want in a way which a computer algorithm never will.
And, of course, I signed books, which was the other thing I was there to do.
There’s something very lovely about writing dedications to readers in your own books – being able to refer to something you’ve just been chatting about or just hoping they enjoy the books as much as you’ve enjoyed meeting them – I do hope those I signed books for today will enjoy None So Blind and In Two Minds.
Many thanks to Eirian and to Catrin for welcoming me to Palas Print and to Caernarfon. Diolch o galon am y croeso a’ch cwmni!

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