No airbrushing here…

Great excitement at #IndyBookTourCymru2019 central (ie my house) today with the electronic arrival of posters created specially for the tour by the wonderful Emily Glenister, publicity guru for The Dome Press J Bless her, Emily’s created so many permutations, in both English and Welsh, that bookshops are bound to find one they like and can use – full colour, black and white printer optimised, both the above available with customised bookshop details and without…

poster as photo

There will also be a 2m high banner to announce my presence. The thought of my face being reproduced in that kind of detail is slightly horrifying but nothing ventured, no publicity gained! However, one thing I can guarantee is that there’ll be no airbrushing, thank you very much!

I’m massively grateful to my publishers The Dome Press who have totally run with this mad idea of mine. For a start, as well as NOT saying ‘No, Alis, that’s a totally mad idea,’ they sent out a copy of None So Blind to each of the 32 bookshops along with my invitation to be part of #IndyBookTourCymru2019, and, since then, they’ve been talking to the Welsh Books Council about it at every available opportunity so that they can help enthuse booksellers too. Fortunately, the Welsh Books Council have also declined to tell me that it’s a mad idea – in fact they seem positively delighted by it. Diolch, Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru.

I’ll be sending out update emails to all the bookshops this week with sample copies of the poster to encourage those not yet signed up to get on board, so if you live in Wales and have links with a local bookshop, why not pop in and ask them if they’re signed up? (You can have a look at my events page  to see who the early adopters are and congratulate them for snapping up the good dates early!)

Interestingly, so far those who’ve signed up are in rural – mostly west – Wales rather than the towns which kind of lends credence to my theory that, in areas of the country that are off the beaten literary track, there’s a real appetite for this kind of event. One of the bookshops that’s signed up for an author signing even said that it’d be their first signing event ever. And, as chair of Crime Cymru, being that first event pleased me. Because this is what our Welsh crime writers’ collective is all about – helping Welsh based authors get out there and engage readers.

In that context, can I ask readers of this page a favour as part of the #IndyBookTourCymru2019 effort? If you haven’t already had a look at our website – Crime.Cymru  or our Facebook page then could I ask you to pop over and have a look at them now and, if you like what you see, like and follow them? If you do, that will also key you in to what other people in our collective are saying about their contributions to #IndyBookTourCymru2019.

My next post will be a feature on the early adopters – if you want to know what bookshops in West and Mid Wales are doing, watch this space!

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