Summing it all up…

dreaded synopsis

After all the excitement of getting a new publishing deal, the nitty-gritty of working with a new team to get the second iteration of None So Blind out there has begun. When you sign on with any publisher (The Dome Press is my third) the marketing department will send you a questionnaire all about you, your book/s, your background, your potential contacts, what you are and aren’t preapared to do publicity-wise… etc. Which is all fine and dandy. But some of the questions are trickier than others. One asked me to sum up my book in a sentence.
Groan… It was bad enough when they wanted a 150-200 word synopsis/blurb..
If I suspected myself of any particle of talent for pithiness and brevity, I’d have become a poet or a short story writer. But I don’t and I haven’t. So I offered them three not very good options, none of which I was very pleased with.
I would like to offer my new publishers something better so here’s a suggestion: I’m prepared to offer a free copy of the new version of None So Blind, when it comes out this autumn, to anybody who can produce a better one-sentence summing up of the book than I’ve managed.
If there are multiple offerings, I’ll put it to a vote.
So, summarise away, people, summarise away!

(With thanks to for the cartoon)

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