Cardiff Book Festival

Cardiff Book Fest

I’m delighted to be able to announce that I’ll be appearing at Cardiff Book Festival on the 24th of September with fellow Crime Cymru Author, Rosie Claverton. We’ll be talking about investigative duos and their popularity or otherwise.

The thing  is, ever since Holmes and Watson, the detective double-act has captured readers’ imaginations but, these days, you’re more likely to see a parternship on TV than in novels. We’ll be discussing why this might be the case and we’ll also be talking about our own detecting duos.
We’re on right after the Hinterland team, talking about how the west Wales landscape inspired the series, so Festival goers can binge out on Welsh crime if they come and see us both!
If you’d like more information about the Book Festival, or to book tickets, the website is here

If you’re wondering what Crime Cymru is, that’s because I forgot to post about it here, having put up a post on my Facebook page (Alis Hawkins Author) a couple of weeks ago. Apologies to all who follow this blog!

In explanation, here’s what I wrote:

During the inaugural Cardiff Book Festival last year, I arranged to meet up with a couple of other crime writers to discuss the possibility of setting up a group to support and promote crime writing in Wales. Over the next few months, the idea grew and, following the first meeting of the collective a couple of weeks ago, we’re now ready to go live with our Facebook page. You can find it here:


Crime Cymru has three objectives:

  1. To support crime writers with a real and present relationship with Wales (no cliched or Disneyfied versions of Wales, thanks)
  2. To help in the development of new writing talent
  3. To promote Wales, Welsh culture and Welsh crime writing in particular, to the wider world.

We’re new as yet but, already, we’re apparing at Cardiff Book Fest, at Crickhowell Literary Festival (see events tab above) and at Cardiff Central Library’s Open Spaces. We’re also talking to the Central Library about a proposed Crime Weekend next June. It’s an exciting time and we’d love to have your support. Do pop over to the Facebook page and have a look – you could even like and follow us if you’d like to support Welsh crime writing.

There’ll be more on this subject in the next blog post, I hope.

Til anon.

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