The Uses of Twitter

So now I’m on Twitter.

People warned me that it would be addictive and, though I can see where they were coming from, I’m not addicted.

No. What I am is anxious.

Anxious, on the one hand, that it shouldn’t take over my life.

And, on the other, not to miss a trick.

Also, anxious that I don’t say something naff, stupid or inadvertently controversial. I don’t mind being deliberately controversial but I don’t want to get into trouble for something I didn’t actually mean to say.


But, though I may not have succumbed to addiction and started sitting to attention like a retriever to a gun every time a notification buzzes my phone (because I’ve turned notifications off. Seriously, how do people who leave them on ever get anything done?) I can see why people do. Twitterers share interesting stuff.


In the last 12 hours I’ve discovered (thanks to @mcgrathmj) that DNA is not as reliable as everybody assumes (To be fair, I already knew this from listening to Val McDermid reading her book Forensics: the Anatomy of Crime on Radio 4) and that (thanks @l_millarwriter) in Russia, the world of the Minority Report has arrived and people are downloading face-recognition apps on to their phones so they can basically stalk you if they like. Scary as hell.

Not to mention discovering other people’s really interesting blogs like this one from Deborah Swift, and new methods of working together – like the London-based Killer Women.


And, whilst I’m not one to hero-worship other human beings, there is something about seeing JK Rowling tweeting away about the Eurovision song contest.


But what does all this have to do with being published?

To horribly misquote the late Mr Edwin Starr

Twitter – Huh – Yeah – What is it good for?


Three words.



Getting the word out.

OK, two words and a phrase.


There are a lot of books out there. You have to get yours noticed. And a platform like Twitter can get you noticed.


Someone told me recently that you need to see a product’s name four times before you remember it. That’s your book’s name or your name. Somehow you’ve got to keep getting them in front of the right people – ie, your potential readers.

Hey – Yeah! – That’s what Twitter’s good for.

One thought on “The Uses of Twitter

  1. Hey, yeah, what is it good for….say it again!!!

    Love it.

    Well done Ms Hawkins. I shall try and follow your lead….xx


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