Back on the Publishing Merry-Go-Round

On my first whirl around the publishing merry-go-round, at the end of the noughties, I did the social media stuff: I had somebody build a website for me, sorted out a blog via Google’s Blogger and set up a Facebook page. So far so media-savvy-sounding. Trouble was, I hadn’t the faintest idea what I was doing or how to get people to come and see me on those various platforms.

This time round, I hope to be a bit less clueless.

So, I’ve sorted out a WordPress website – evidence: you’re on it, now.

I’ve decided not to have a Facebook author-page. The Facebook page I set up when Testament came out has become a great way to keep in touch with real-world friends and I don’t want them to feel roped in as marketing fodder. Plus, I already have a second FB page for the day job and two pages is all I can manage. If I have another, I know what’ll happen – I’ll end up posting the wrong thing to the wrong page. Either that or my head will explode from the effort of making sure that doesn’t happen.

And then we come, inevitably, to Twitter. I’ve resisted joining the Twitterati until now because I’ve always worried that I’d constantly be checking it and feeding it titbits like some voraciously demanding pet. But I accept that it’s a brilliant way of communicating with people who might be interested in what you do so I’m going to do it.

However, to prevent any further head-exploding scenarios, I’m going to set limits on myself. My electronic pet is going to be ruthlessly trained only to expect nourishment once a day.

I know, I know… you’re all laughing and shaking your heads in an irritatingly indulgent way and thinking ‘she’ll learn’. But the thought of your knowing smiles and wryly-shaken heads is what will keep me strong when my finger hovers over the Firefox icon to take me away from writing and on to the web.

I’ll let you know once I have an ‘@’. Just so you can break down my resolve, obviously…

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