Not One Of Us

August 1851

Harry Probert-Lloyd, is struggling. With the blindness that drove him home from London, with his combative relationship with the county magistrates and with an estate teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. He needs an escape, so when Dr Benton Reckitt is asked to give a second opinion on the apparently natural death of young Lizzie Rees, Harry willingly goes with him.

But Harry’s assistant, John Davies, is in London at the Great Exhibition and, without him, mistakes are made.

Harry becomes embroiled in Esther Rees’s search for the truth behind her daughter’s sudden death and rumours set the whole community ablaze. Poor judgements both as coroner and as squire soon have tragic consequences and, less than a week after Lizzie Rees’s death, Harry has two more deaths to deal with.

Harry and John find themselves at loggerheads and a rift threatens to derail not only Harry’s investigation but their partnership at Glanteifi. And questions raised by Harry’s investigation still need answers.

What is Lizzie Rees’s father hiding?

Was somebody else in the farmhouse on the night she died?

And did Harry’s eagerness to leave Glanteifi in pursuit of a questionable investigation lead to a tragedy?

As Harry struggles to answer these questions, he and John must reconcile their views of Glanteifi’s future if they are to continue working together.

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