In Two Minds

In Two Minds the second in the Teifi Valley Coroner series will be published in the first week of May 2019.

Here’s the story in brief:

January 1851

A naked corpse with no face turns up on an isolated Cardiganshire beach. An inquest is needed to establish both identity and cause of death but the coroner, Leighton Bowen, is dying. Fresh from his successful and dogged investigation into Margaret Jones’s death, Harry Probert Lloyd is asked to step in temporarily.

Ignoring his father’s opposition, Harry agrees, on condition that he may appoint his own coroner’s officer.

But John Davies, back at his old job in Mr Schofield’s the solicitor office, is not as eager to work with him as Harry expects.

And his assistant’s wariness is not the only barrier Harry has to face. As his investigations into the body on the beach begin, he clashes with the local police inspector and it soon becomes clear that he will receive no help from the constabulary. His choice of medical witness proves controversial and awkward questions begin to surround Dr Benton Reckitt. Potentially most embarassing of all, Harry discovers that his own family is involved in this mysterious death.

Will Dr Reckitt’s eccentricity and mania for autopsy implicate Harry in further scandal?

Who is the powerful Mrs Parry and is the emigration scheme dreamed up by her and the shadowy ‘American Gentleman’ behind the death of the naked man on Tresaith beach?

And will Harry’s discovery of half-forgotten kinsmen end in embarassment, or worse, for his family?