Backwards and forwards

Hi everybody – I hope you and yours are all well and safe?

Well, what a difference a year makes…

This time last year I was in the middle of #IndyBookTourCymru19 – my tour of Welsh independent bookshops to launch In Two Minds.


On the 17th of May, I’d just been part of a Crime Cymru panel at Crimefest and was looking forward to a signing and meet-the-author session at one of my favourite booksellers – Chepstow Bookshop. Events like that are just a distant memory by this point – the thought of all those people gathered in one place seems almost inconceivable.

I’ve just re-read the blog post I did for the Chepstow event and it seems hardly credible that I only wrote those words a year ago. Everything that happened before the current crisis seems a lot longer ago than it really was, somehow.

me outside shop



“…Chepstow Books is almost hidden away but, for those who are wandering around, soaking up the atmosphere of a town which has been there since the Normans conquered England and used Chepstow as a bridgehead to Wales, it’s a wonderful discovery. Owner Matt Taylor has created a very welcoming and inviting shop which draws you in and, from the posters on the window, you know, from the moment you open the door, that this is a bookshop where readers and writers meet .

…In the coming weeks Matt’s putting on events with Alison Weir, Tom Bradbury and Harry Potter star Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) as well as events for children. Then, in September, Chepstow Books is one of only four Welsh bookshops playing host to the launch tour for Anne Cleeves’s new book The Long Call.”



I didn’t know, then, that Matt would ask me to interview Ann Cleeves on that tour and that, as a result, I’d subsequently find myself interviewing Joanna Trollope and Joanne Harris.

me and AC at Chepstow








Interviewing other authors was something I’d only recently started doing as part of various Crime Cymru events but it’s something I enjoy very much and which I hope to be doing a bit more of it in the near future as Crime Cymru offers virtual events via Zoom and Youtube in the coming months.

If there are any Crime Cymru authors you’d particularly like to see featured in any interviews, let me know either in the comments here, or by sending me a direct message.

And, while we’re at it – I was thinking that I might to a Facebook Live event to launch the Kindle edition of Those Who Know on the 28th of May – is that something that readers of this blog would be keen to see?

Let me know but, meanwhile, stay safe, x

One thought on “Backwards and forwards

  1. I know I reacted to your Twitter message about the idea of you doing a Facebook live session to launch your ebook – I think it’s a fab idea. Also interested to learn about the CrimeCymru virtual events – any dates lined up yet?


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